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According to recent statistics more than 34% or 1 in 3 adults living in the United States are obese. Obesity eventually leads to health issues such as high blood pressure, diabetes, strokes and more issues. It is a very dangerous issue and when I hear people talk about losing weight they never really discuss insulin and insulin sensitivity . When it comes to weight loss understanding how insulin works is crucial . This article will talk about insulin: the basics and what you need to know about it to lose weight more effectively . **^**^ What is insulin and insulin sensitivity**^**^ Insulin is a hormone that is made by the pancreas and it allows your body to use the glucose or sugars in the food that you eat . It is a very important hormone that also helps the body get nutrients from food. Insulin sensitivity is essentially how sensitive your body is to insulin . The more sensitive your body is to insulin the easier it’ll be to lose weight and the harder it’ll be to gain weight . The opposite of insulin sensitivity is insulin resistance which means that your body is not very sensitive to insulin therefore it needs to produce greater amounts of insulin to get the intended effect . Having a lot of insulin in your blood is a dangerous thing because it can lead to high blood pressure, obesity and heart problems just to name a few . Here is the unfortunate part if you are obese you’re almost certainly insulin resistant . Which off course also means that you are on the road to developing diabetes which over 29 million American’s have or 1 in 11 people .**^**^ How to increase insulin sensitivity for weight loss**^**^ The first thing that you should do is educate yourself on the foods that you are eating to understand whether they are helping or hurting you . For instance take white rice and brown rice, white rice is on the high glycemic index and brown rice is on the low glycemic index . Carbohydrates that are on the low glycemic index are digested slower and cause a smaller increase in blood sugar, however Carbs that are high glycemic cause a big increase in blood sugar and insulin. What happens if you take too much of One thing? the body gets used to it and starts desensitizing itself against that very thing. It happens with caffeine and it also happens with insulin. This is the reason why all calories are not created equal . The other thing that you can do is start to exercise and get moving more; whether it’s aerobic or anaerobic exercises . You should also look to incorporate cinnamon into your diet as that has been shown to increase insulin sensitivity in various studies conducted . If you start to do these things you will get results and the leaner you get the more insulin sensitive and healthier you’ll become **^